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Short Film Title: TRIP

Genre: Vacacation or Holiday Film

Character: Harold (or Hilda) Pineda, Elected Official

Prop: Magnet

Line of Dialogue: "Who are you looking for?"

AWARDS: Best Use of Character, Best Sound Design

Website for short film:

Starring: Jared Webb, Lauronda Morrow Teeple, Matthew Nielson, Ruben Carebeo, Lauren Fundora, Niah Herman

Directed, Edited, and Shot By: Greg Herman

Producer: Lauronda Morrow Teeple

Art Direction / B Camera Operator: Lauren Fundora

Photogragphy / Stop Motion: Erica Mueller

Creature and Production Design: Lauronda Morrow Teeple

Executive Producer: Adrianne Herman

Screenplay: Matthew Nielson and Greg Herman

Music & Sound Design: Sound Lab Studios - Matthew Nielson and Adam Johnson

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