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Below are a few links of interest that ThreeSheets:Design thinks are worth checking out - just passing the word about some individuals and businesses that deserve a "shout out" for what greatness they do in their industry.

Design, Film & Sound

Morechi :: Greg Herman :: Greg Herman is a writer, director, concept artist and motion designer who is inspired by movies and is influenced by his backgrounds in Music, and Photography. ...visit his site HERE

Motionographer :: "Motionographer (pronounced like oceanographer) seeks to be a source of inspiration for filmmakers, animators and designers by sharing: outstanding work from studios, freelancers and students, feature stories that give readers a closer look at influential studios and individuals, commentary that sparks discussion or introspection about the creative process, miscellaneous items that Motionographer contributors find interesting. Motionographer isn't just about motion graphics. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and the Motionographer contributors hope to provide you with interesting material regardless of the medium in which it was created. For the love of the work - Motionographer is an all-volunteer organization run by professional artists, designers and directors in our spare time. We don't make any money from the site. We do it because we love it." ...visit their site HERE

Michael Ragen Cinematography :: Nominated for Best Cinematography in a Music Video at Plus Camerimage 2009 & 2011, providing cinematography for commercials, music videos, features, and narratives... visit their site HERE

Sound Lab Studios :: Sound Lab Studios is a multimedia production company based in Asheville, North Carolina. We provide services ranging from music recording and audio post for television and film, to full production services. Founded by award winning engineers Adam Johnson and Matthiew Nielson, our goal is to provide state of the art production services to clients around the world, while also providing support for the local and regional artistic community... visit their site HERE

2BRUCESTUDIO :: 2BRUCESTUDIO is the culmination of almost 20 years of New York City experience in the media and entertainment industries, specializing in original music composition, sound design, and audio/video post production for film, television and web. Our facility features High Definition gear, a vast sound effects library, and the latest in audio/visual software... visit thier site HERE

Event Management & Talent Buying

Lucky Dog Managment :: As Event Professionals, Lucky Dog Management is an event planning, production, and management company based in Johnstown, PA, and serving the entire East Coast region. They are dedicated to planning, coordinating, producing, facilitating, and providing logistical support in all aspects of each event. ...visit their site HERE



...more coming soon!



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