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This project was a biggie! We shot almost 30 spots in the Asheville area during September & October 2011, while the rest were filmed on the road over the course of 3 weeks in November. The 22 minute "90 spot" seen at left was the final cut, but there were 150+ shots that were generated.

To watch individual spots,
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Directed by: Kevin Robinson, Greg Herman

Production Company: Fresh Paint

Producers: Kurt Peloquin, Kevin Robinson, Greg Herman, Lauronda Morrow Teeple, Joel Colombero

Assistant Producer: Russ Tiller

Editors: Kevin Robinson, Greg Herman, Eli Mavros

Wardrobe: Katie Calcaterra

Production Design/Props: Lauronda Morrow Teeple

Makeup: Russ Tiller, Lauronda Morrow Teeple

Audio: Sound Lab Studios

Voice Over: James Konicek

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